Personal Assistance

Our personal assistants arrive at people’s homes at an appointed time to perform a number of agreed tasks. This may include assistance with getting in and out of bed, having a shower, making the dinner, going to the shops or doing housework.

For a student, it may include transport to college. For others, it could be cooking, driving, assistance with exercise routines, social escort, gardening and household maintenance.

PA’s are employed under the FAS Community Employment (CE) Scheme, and while this system has helped greatly to establish the organisation, a permanent long term system is required. Since 2001, health board funding has also been available. CIL’s throughout the country continue to lobby government for the establishment of an Independent Living Fund. This would ensure continuous funding for people with disabilities to employ their own personal assistants, giving them control over their lives and a better quality of life. Insert info here about new fund.

What one of our clients has to say

I’d be lost without WCIL. Their PA’s are fantastic. They help me get dressed in the morning and cook my dinner in the evening. The rest I can do myself. It’s just great knowing they’re there when I need them.